Boilers and Cooling Systems

SAS Water provides complete asset and equipment protection for commercial and industrial clients alike. Our integrated provision of water treatment products and services covers all steam, heating, cooling and chilled water applications, utilising the latest chemistry and dosing and control techniques.


Cooling Towers

Open evaporative cooling systems are an essential part of most commercial HVAC or industrial processes, however these well aerated water systems essentially scrub dust and organic material from the cooling air stream, setting up a perfect environment for corrosion, fouling, scaling, microbial activity (including Legionella sp.) and biofilm formation. Accordingly a good water treatment program is not only essential for regulatory compliance, but also to extend asset longevity, optimise plant efficiency, minimise operating costs and mitigate pathogen related public health risks. SAS Water specifically tailors water treatment programs including:

  • A tailored chemical treatment regime.
  • Implementation of the required microbiological testing.
  • Ongoing corrosion coupon testing and online corrosion monitoring.
  • Installation & maintenance of the latest dosing & control systems.
  • Programming thorough, routine cleaning and disinfection.
  • A detailed service and reporting program including KPI review and Risk Management Plans as necessary. 

Other products and services promoted by SAS Water include:

Current legislation stipulates monthly servicing on cooling towers, which based on a 1 hour service per month, equates to 0.14% of the year that the cooling tower is actually being inspected and reviewed. Given the hazards and critical risks associated with cooling towers, we view this monthly snap-shot as inadequate and have responded by developing the SAS Sentinel to remotely monitor and control the water treatment program, 24/7.

The SAS Sentinel will log data, monitor drum levels, send alarms for off-spec parameters and initiate remedial corrective actions - all which can be received by PC, tablet or smart phone, facilitating immediate additional intervention or site response as required.

SAS Sidestream Filtration
At SAS Water we design, build, install and maintain our own range of sidestream filtration systems specifically developed for cooling tower applications. Such systems reduce solids and nutrient loading in the cooling water, thereby reducing system fouling and microbiological activity. Cleaner systems allow chemical treatment programs to work more effectively, often resulting in reduced chemical usage. Likewise an increase in the cycles of concentration is normally also possible, thereby reducing water and power consumption.

Most common sizes are available ex-stock as pre-engineered, plug & play standard products, facilitating quick and easy installation to both new and existing cooling systems.

Cooling tower maintenance and refurbishment
Although routine cleaning and disinfection is regulated as mandatory, routine maintenance and refurbishment (where required) for cooling towers is not. A poorly maintained cooling tower can have blocked distribution or spray nozzles, damaged or failed fill-pack and drift eliminators and corroded and leaking basins. Aside from decreasing tower performance and increasing operating costs (30% is not uncommon!), microbial control can be more difficult and when coupled with increased aerosol generation, this can elevate the likelihood of propagating a Legionnaires' disease outbreak.

Our service technicians and maintenance crews at SAS Water are well equipped to address all cooling tower maintenance requirements to keep your cooling system operating at peak efficiency.


Chilled Water Systems

Closed circuit chilled water systems and associated secondary condenser water loops require specific chemical water treatment. While scaling is less of an issue, a specifically design corrosion control program is essential to maintain the longevity of chiller sets, pipework and associated equipment.

Microbiological control programs must also be tailored to suit, given the absence of aeration and low dissolved oxygen levels in such systems. Sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) can be particularly problematic if not controlled and can lead to severe pitting corrosion and equipment failure.

Depending on the size and system design, mechanical water treatment may also be required with air-dirt separators being employed on large, old or poorly maintained systems, or those operating on challenging make-up water quality.


Boilers and Steam Generation

Steam boilers come in a variety of configurations and are the heart of any process requiring large amounts of thermal energy, or indeed motive force as is the case with turbines used for power generation. Boiler feedwater is typically mechanically pretreated using a combination of filtration, softening, desalination or demineralisation, which are all technologies at the core of our Engineered Systems offering. After pretreatment, the feedwater is pretreated to deoxygenate, prior to being chemically treated.

Chemical water treatment of steam boilers typically comprises a combination of oxygen scavengers, alkalis, phosphates and dispersants, to prevent corrosion, scaling and fouling in the various parts of the boiler - with the specific program being governed both by the boiler pressure and what the steam is used for. SAS Water has an extensive range of boiler water treatment chemicals to tailor a treatment program specific for any requirement. This also includes volatile amine-based treatment for after-boiler applications and the protection of condensate systems from acid attack, which typically occurs when non-condensible carbon dioxide in the steam dissolves in the condensate thereby lowering pH through the formation of carbonic acid.

With the boiler plant often being the single largest user of energy on an industrial site and hence one of the largest operating expenses for many clients, maintaining boiler cleanliness, thermal efficiency and minimised blowdown rates is critical. SAS Water can provide site audits to examine pretreatment performance, effectiveness of the chemical program, operational procedures, blowdown optimisation and possible heat recovery opportunities, to ensure maximum plant efficiency for our clients


Heating Hot Water Systems

As with chilled water systems, closed heating hot water circuits require specific water treatment chemistries to ensure excellent corrosion control and the minimisation of scale formation.

This has never been more critical, particularly with the advent of condensing hot water boilers. With their increased thermal efficiency are becoming the boiler of choice in the commercial and HVAC sectors. While the designs are advanced and innovate, utilising aluminium and stainless as materials of construction (as opposed to mild steel) brings specific treatment challenges. SAS Water has extensive experience in this field and a range of specifically formulated products to suit.