Variable Pore Microfiltration

The VPMF (variable pore-structure microfiltration) systems employ an innovative microfibre filtration media and backwash process to more efficiently filter water and wastewater than traditional treatment systems.


Equal length microfibres are housed in modules and bonded to a fixed lower endcap and floating upper endcap. Operating in a downward filtration mode, the microfibre filtration media is compressed to form a laminated, a non-fixed pore structure offering an extremely high filtration efficiency.

At a predetermined differential pressure set point, flow is reversed to initiate a backwash, which then expands the media in the module, facilitating suspended solids removal. Backwash efficiency is enhanced through the incorporation of integrated air-scour cycle and can be viewed here.

This simple but state-of-the-art filtration technology comes skid mounted with manifolded modules and is easily scalable. Modules are available in a wide range filtration ratings, cover an extensive range of filtration applications and offer a high performance and cost effective alternative to conventional filtration technologies.


LQ Module Systems - 25 micron

Rated at 3.5kL/hr per module, these systems are typically used for agriculture, aquaculture, cooling tower sidestream filtration and general filtration applications.

MQ Module Systems - 5 micron

Rated at 2.5kL/hr per module, these systems typically replace sand and multimedia filters with applications including general water & wastewater filtration, pretreatment of critical membrane processes such as UF and NF, general potable water filtration and TSS and BOD removal for tertiary treatment of sewage, etc.

HQ Module Systems - 1 micron

Rated at 1.5kL/hr per module, the high performance of the HQ systems are ideal for use in pool applications, pretreatment for activated carbon filtration, ion exchange, ozone and UV applications.

SQ Module Systems - 0.5 micron

Rated at 0.6kL/hr per module, SQ systems offer exceptional performance and address the most stringent filtration applications include RO pretreatment.