MIOX Electrochlorination

MIOX On-Site Generation (OSG) utilizes patented electrochlorination technology to produce non-hazardous (<1% concentration) sodium hypochlorite or Mixed Oxidant Solutions (MOS), which brings significant advantages over conventional chlorination technologies.


Key Features

  • Plug & play system, fully packaged with great user interface & remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Unique cell-pack design - self cleaning, avoids scaling, minimizes acid washing & extends service life.
  • Generates a MOS (sodium hypochlorite + hydrogen peroxide) providing significant operational benefits over straight sodium hypochlorite applications.
  • Completely non-hazardous process - only uses salt and water.
  • Cheaper than either conventional electrochlorination or hypochlorite dosing and significantly safer than gaseous chlorine dosing.


OSG Applications

  • Cooling towers - an excellent biocide alternative. View operating benefits here.
  • Food & Beverage industry - clean in place (CIP) applications in the requiring bulk hypo delivery.
  • Potable water - disinfection.


Process Benefits

  • Excellent broad spectrum microbial efficacy, including preventing Legionnaires' Disease.
  • More effective for penetration and elimination of biofilms compared to chlorine and many non-oxidising biocides.
  • Longer lasting residuals for extended disinfection.
  • Maintains its microbial efficacy at elevated pH levels.
  • Lowers the TDS and chloride contribution, thereby reducing corrosion rates.


Safety Benefits

  • Disinfection by product (DPB) generation greatly reduced - up to a 35% reduction in trihalomethanes (THM) and haloaceticacids (HAA) compared with conventional chlorination.
  • Eliminates all OH&S issues and associated costs, relating to the transportation, storage, handing and dosing of dangerous goods such as sodium hypochlorite or gas chlorine.