ComBact is an organic product formulated to provide a thorough, innovative and eco-friendly approach to wastewater management.


The Product

Designed to effectively enhance the performance of biological wastewater processes, ComBact is a synergistic blend of specific bacteria and nutrients, formulated to improve biological treatment of organic (and some inorganic) wastewaters.

Propogation of complex but natural strains of adapted bacteria facilitate optimised digestion and enhanced carbon and pollutant removal.

ComBact can also be formulated to suit the specific characteristics of the wastewater to be treated.


The Results

Notable benefits and operational improvements with the use of ComBact include:

  • Significant improvements in removal rates of COD, BOD, TSS, TDS and associated odours.
  • EHS compliance for discharge for nitrogen, phosphorous and FOG.
  • Up to an 80% reduction in related chemical costs.
  • Sludge modification allowing reuse in fertilisers, feedstocks and landfill.