Coffs Harbour

SAS Water Solutions supplied, installed and provided the civil design of a double wash bay, single chemical mix and load bay, awnings, bunding and recycling system incorporating the RGF - Washmaster 18 (WM18) with Grass Screen, Anaerobic Tank, Grass Catcher. The WM18 has been designed to meet the demanding needs of turf applications such as golf courses and clubs. 

Double wash bay supplied by two (2) 1” High Volume hoses. Compressed air blow off prior to wash bay. Grated trench for gross solids removal, grass screen and catcher for fines removal prior to feeding recycle system.

Single self contained chemical mix and load bay with recovery system, eye wash, shower and rain water supply. Entire facility is roofed and bunded with zero discharge to the environment.

Through the use of mechanical, biological and a chemical disinfection system, the WashMaster 18 is able to deliver wash water suitable for sewer discharge, irrigation and as in this case, reuse.

The WM18 is an all in one skid mounted system including:

  • Biological
  • Mechanical filtration
  • Oxidation (Ozone and Chlorine) & UV - Disinfection
  • Integrated 2000L Storage and pressurised supply 

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