Company Profile

At SAS Water we design and implement innovative water treatment programs, projects and business operation solutions that match the specific needs of our clients.

Our dedication to exemplary customer service complemented by a steadfast commitment to safety and use of premium quality products defines each facet of our business operations to facilitate economic and sustainable outcomes tailored to suit our broad client base.

Highly qualified with in-depth industry experience, our team of technicians deliver advanced water treatment solutions to a diverse range of industries, including food and beverage, defence, healthcare, HVAC, mining, municipal, petrochemical and power providers.


Company Values



We are committed to the provision of superior products, service and results.



We make decisions based on what is right for our community, clients and stakeholders.



We uphold a working environment based on mutual respect for all members of our community.



We value people at every level who lead by example, take pride in what they do and inspire others.



We place a premium on teamwork - collaboration underpins our success.


Working with clients to achieve customised water solutions since 1980, the SAS Group opened its doors as Stephenson Applied Services on the southern coast of New South Wales, in the industrial hub of Wollongong.

We are a wholly Australian owned and operated business dedicated to the realisation of bespoke chemical treatment processes that directly address client requirements, specifications, strict industry guidelines and regulations to service the needs of a booming, local industrial sector.

This commitment to quality, safety and the satisfaction of our client remains steadfast, as the backbone of our operations today.


Rapid Growth

Grounded by humble beginnings, our holistic approach and growing market demand led to the expansion and diversification of Stephenson Applied Services to a proudly employee owned and run enterprise with the birth of SAS Water Solutions in 2007 and finally the SAS Group in 2013.

The communion of SAS Water Solutions, SAS Business Solutions and SAS Facilities Solutions, under the umbrella of the SAS Group, combines expansive industry experience with innovation to design chemical water treatment programs, standard products, bespoke equipment and systems, business operations and infrastructure solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Industry Experience

At SAS Water we combine expansive industry experience with innovation to deliver water treatment processes, infrastructure and business operation solutions that match the needs of our clients.

A dedication to safety, quality and client satisfaction underscore our approach to building cost effective and sustainable industry solutions.

Our highly trained and well-equipped technicians work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries including food and beverage, defence, healthcare, HVAC, mining, municipal, petrochemical and power providers to meet strict industry guidelines and regulations.


Our Service

We work with clients to achieve a holistic improvement to facility processes and management, across four distinct business areas - water treatment, engineered systems, engineering services and products.


Water Treatment

At SAS Water, through our water treatment capabilities we specifically provide:

  • Aquatic services
  • Boilers and cooling systems
  • Legionella control
  • Natural water bodies
  • Specialty chemicals programs
  • Wastewater

Find out more about how we have helped create sustainable and cost effective chemical water treatment programs and associated services.


Engineered Systems

Our Engineered Projects division design and execute a diverse suite of engineered solutions including:

  • Customised solutions
  • Packaged plants
  • Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Turnkey D&C engineer, procure, construct (EPC) projects
  • Water treatment and wastewater plants

Find out more about our engineered projects.


Working with strategic partners and selected OEMs, we source premium products to provide our clients with the latest proven technology offerings. Selected products include:

  • ComBact
  • Filter products
  • MIOX electrochlorination
  • Standard products
  • WashMaster
  • Variable pore microfiltration

Learn more about our product range.


Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services team provide after sales services and solutions to improve system performance and reliability, facility infrastructure, processes and management. Our services incorporate:

  • Project and construction management
  • Project start-up and commissioning works
  • Operation and maintenance services
  • Refurbishments, expansions and upgrades
  • Planned maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency call-outs
  • Pumps and pump stations maintenance

Learn more about our engineering services.


Our Projects

Discover how we have helped industry providers improve their water treatment processes, business operations and infrastructure toward greater sustainability and a reduction in overall operating costs.


100% Australian owned

Proudly Australian owned since our foundation, SAS Water is the result of the evolution of a small, family run business based in Wollongong, along the south coast of New South Wales, to an employee owned enterprise with nation-wide operations.

A steadfast commitment to remain local and diverse industry expertise uniquely equip our team to design and implement efficient water treatment solutions that meet stringent Australian industry guidelines and regulations.


Industry Experts

At SAS Water our diverse team of industry professionals combine extensive training with in-depth expertise to deliver superior water treatment solutions that suit the varied needs of our broad client base.

From our senior management team to our site technicians we place a premium on training and certification. Our collective experience spans qualifications in chemistry, metallurgy, microbiology, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering to realise holistic water treatment solutions with a focus on the optimisation of facility management, and improvement of the overall economic viability and sustainability of operations.

Client Satisfaction

A commitment to exemplary customer service underpins every facet of our operations. SAS Water handpick a dedicated team of highly qualified technicians to work directly with clients from day one and customise water treatment solutions that match their industry specific needs.

SAS Water provide more than simply engineering services, our staff place a premium on building long standing client relationships. We take the time to understand the individual nuances of each project to design and implement treatment plans with the provision of ongoing maintenance and support.